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Azienda Cagliero, Piedmont, Itlay

Azienda Cagliero

Azienda Cagliero is ran by the family Cagliero, one of the oldest family of winegrowers in the Barolo region. Driven by an ingrained love for fine wine, the household has overcome adversity to create the beautiful estate that sits deep in the heart of the Langhe countryside.

Today, Giancarlo Cagliero and his wife Rosita lovingly run the Cagliero estate using the techniques of their ancestors to nurture the vineyards of "Granny Marcellina".


For almost 500 years, the Cagliero family has been growing vineyards using traditions passed down through generations of the Langhe countryside.

As with many Langhe vineyards, Azienda Cagliero was abandoned in the early 1900s when a disease spread throughout the region, killing or severely damaging the vines. Many of the family members had to abandon their beloved estate.

The pain of the loss ran deep with the Cagliero’s and as the land recovered, Mario Cagliero sought to rediscover and rebuild his family’s identity which was almost lost in history.

It took the new generation of Cagliero’s to lovingly reconstruct the estate and bring with it an age of growth and prosperity for this unique family.