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Camino Soria, Ribera del Duero, Spain

Camino Soria

The very existence of Camino Soria is the the realisation of a dream. Jose Luis Sanz, previosuly an aeronautical engineer,  left his successful career as Marketing Director in a large multinational company to pursue his passion, to develop a great wine from his own land, Soria, located in Ribera del Duero, in Central Spain. Then, after becoming Master in Oenology and Viticulture at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, he created a unique wine from a calcareous-limestone vineyard placed in Soria, formed from clones of the indigenous Tempranillo grape, resulting in the highest, most authentic expression of terroir.

Produced in limited editions of less than 10.000 bottles per vintage, and aged in new oak barrels during more than 15 months.

The Tempranillo grapes, referred to locally as 'Tinta del Pais,' are perfectly adapted to the hard conditions of the land. Camino Soria's logo - two warriors fighting - expresses the resistant character of the grape, fighting to survive in the extreme weather conditions of the area, over 35 degrees Celsius during the day and as low as 5 degrees Celsius overnight in the maturity period. The brand represents the Celtiberian warriors who lived in the area in the 3rd century BC, who fought defending their land from the Roman Empire's expansion.