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Domaine Debray, Burgundy, France

Domaine Debray

In the heart of Beaune, the capital of Burgundy wines, lies the Domaine Debray estate. As a boutique winemaking company, the growers of Domaine Debray truly respect the terroir of their vineyards with the greatest of care to preserve both traditions and the environment.

Owner, Yvonnick Debray has entrusted the estate’s winemaking process to Jean-Philippe Terreau, whose years of experience guarantee that every wine reveals the true character of the land on which the vineyards are grown.


After selling fine quality Burgundy wines on the French market for over 20 years, Yvonnick Debray purchased his own vineyards in the beautiful strip of Côte de Beaune. His dream was to produce wines of the highest quality by working upon his vineyards with the utmost respect for the environment.

He trusted the vinification process to famous winemaker Jean-Philippe Terreau. His talent has given the estate’s wine a true taste of the Burgundian terroir, a reflection of the complex layers and distinctive character.

Every grape is picked by hand from experienced growers, who carefully sort those which are perfectly ripened before the winemaking process begins. Vinification is carried out with the greatest care while the temperature is closely monitored. The wines are aged in French oak before measured filtration and bottling takes place in the estate’s well-equipped cellars.