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Azienda Rechsteiner, Veneto, Italy

Azienda Rechsteiner

The Rechsteiner Estate is located close to the ancient town of Piavon di Oderzo. Found in the heart of the Venetian countryside, the beautiful estate is managed by Florian von Stepski-Doliwa—the great, great grandson of founder, Friedrich Rechsteiner.

Rechsteiner believes the beauty of a fine wine is in part created by environmental and social responsibility. Florian is dedicated to creating the highest quality wine from his vines with sustainability to protect the lands for future generations.


The Rechsteiner Estate has 45 hectares of luscious vineyards, situated in one of the most fertile DOC Venezia regions.

The rich history of this estate began in 1881 when the founder, Friedrich Rechsteiner, took ownership of the grounds and its 17th century villas from Count Revedin. The grand villa is hidden amongst a romantic park which also houses the ancient Rechsteiner winery.

The story of this winery is written in the beautiful marmorino on its walls. Originally, the building stood as a warehouse for a Venetian aristocratic family before housing the Austro-Hungarian cavalry during WWI.

Today, the 5th generation of the Rechsteiner family produce their distinctive wines with a mixture of modern wine cellar technologies and traditional techniques using oak barrels and steel, or cement, tanks.

From the ancient winery, grapes are vinified to bring out the varietal characteristics of every single grape. For their infamous vintage wines, the winery hand-select certain grapes and allow them to mature in oak barrels, giving every bottle unique and distinguishing characteristics.