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Romain Duvernay, Rhône, France

Romain Duvernay

The estate of Romain Duvernay is guided by a father and son partnership. Roland Duvernay and Romain are both talented oenologists who established their beautiful estate in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the heart of the Rhone Valley Wine.

Their focus and respect towards the environment, their dedicated team and the winemaking process itself, has given Romain Duvernay a growing and awarded reputation.

Having previously sold their grapes to some of the most reputable Rhône wine producers in the world, including Guigal, Romain decided to produce the wine under his own name a few years ago. As Duvernay is currently unknown in the UK, his wines represent truly fantastic value for their superb quality.


This family-run negociant was founded in 1904 in a small city in the east of France. At first, wines were sold only regionally to cafes, hotels and restaurants but in 1998, Roland Duvernay and his son Romain decided to set up a new centre in Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Their goal was to connect great wines with knowledgeable consumers. They look for fresh and smooth wines that give pleasure to the drinker, while respecting the environment.

Direct and continuous dialogue held between the wine growers and Duvernay’s oenologist ensures the selection of the best grapes at the right maturity, bearing in mind, of course, each vintage is different. Development is continued in steel and oak barrels, taking care to retain the fruit and character of each individual wine.