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Furlan Vini, Veneto, Italy

Furlan Vini

The Furlan estate has traditions handed down to through a family whose roots run deeper than those of their vines.

The owners, Amedeo, Alberto and Moreno are the nephews of the founder—grandfather, Amadio. His love for his estate and its vineyards has given the family firm traditions and beliefs that respecting the land will yield stunning wines.

Furlan Vini is located among the morainic hills of Conegliano and the stony plain of Piave in San Vendemiano. The distinctiveness of the land allows the estate to produce which are full of diverse aromas and unique flavours, expressing all of the character and essence of the terroir.


The farm Furlan was founded in the 30s grandfather Amadio. He was remembered by his son Pietro as a vigorous man, with rough hands and a face scarred by the sun, who adored his lands and tended to them with love and care. To keep the vision of his grandfather alive, Pietro passed this culture to his family, protecting the values and traditions which created the estate’s commitment to quality production.

Today, the nephews, Amedeo, Alberto and Moreno, have helped the vineyard evolve organically. While respecting their grandfather’s legacy, Amedeo, Alberto and Moreno have been able to both modernise and continue the winery’s tradition of single-minded emphasis on quality.

The Furlan vineyards have been established to respect the existing landscape. They extend between the docg Conegliano-Valdobbiadene, doc Treviso and doc Piave areas. By choosing environmentally friendly processes, the growers lovingly cultivate the vines with eco-compatible choices.

A mild climate, and the sun exposure on the slopes of the hills and rivers that make up the estate’s territory, create areas of striking beauty which allow distinctive vines to flourish.

The Prosecco di Conegliano, Valdobbiadene and Manzoni which come from the Furlan estate are varieties which the family want to promote for their par excellence and protect for their stunning heritage.