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We source individual wines from independent growers across the world.

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Philip von Nell

About us

Philip von Nell Wines Ltd

The Philip Von Nell name has passed from father to son since we were first established in 1977, and our love for discovering new, exciting wines hasn’t changed.

An independent, family-owned and run wine importer based in The East Midlands, we don't have a shop or large numbers of staff, keeping our prices ultra-competitive.

For thirty years, our portfolio has continually evolved, starting out German-centric to now include both the Old and New World.

We still remain loyal, however, to the philosophy of discovering and importing (often exclusively) from boutique, often family-owned estates.

Discover our portfolio of wines crafted by estates that lovingly hand-tender their vines, avoiding the use of pesticides and chemicals where possible.

Whether you prefer something for ‘everyday drinking’, a rarity, or a Robert Parker rated icon we’ll find you a wine that reflects its region’s terroir and character.

Focusing on talent

Meet our Growers

To find you those hidden gems, we work closely with each of our growers as the grape is progressing—from the vine, to the winery, to the bottle.

We’ve built personal relationships with all of our wineries and throughout the seasons, we make sure we’re in regular contact with each estate. This means we’re the first to know if there are any variations to the taste, texture and aroma of the wines we bring to you.

We spend the time getting to know how they work, so we can learn from their expertise and find the perfect wines to suit your taste.

We also only stock a very limited selection based on the supply our growers can produce. This helps our wineries to focus on the natural growth of their vineyards, rather than forcing them to work on a supply for demand basis.

Our Services

What else can we do for you?

Our service is stubbornly old-fashioned and personal, and for the discerning customer (both trade and public) we can also offer the following services, in addition to supplying some of the finest boutique wines you will find anywhere in the world.

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

If you are a bar or restaurant - or wish to order regularly for your own cellar - then we are happy to offer an initial tasting so you can be sure of a personal service to match the quality and high standards of our growers.

Wine Tasting

Menu Matching

For our trade customers we are proud to provide a comprehensive menu-matching service, to help you to ensure that you are offering your clientele the best choice of wine to complement their meal.

Wine Tasting

Wedding Breakfasts

From accessible aperitifs to more complex choices to match your menu, our wines will delight your guests and add an air of quality and sophistication to help your perfect day be completely unforgettable.

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