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Réné Laclie, Cognac, France

Réné Laclie

Maison René Laclie, in the heart of Cognac, holds 120 years of experience and passion rooted in the tradition of the greatest distilleries.

Bertrand Laclie is presiding over the repositioning of the house, five generations after Leopold Raffin and his son-in-law, René Laclie, founded the business.

By fusing their history with a new modern approach, the house is marketing their passion, heritage and quality through the ‘Leopold Raffin,’ ‘Auguste Barreau,’ and ‘Edouard Larcy’ brands, taking care to ensure absolutely no compromises are made in the distillation of their eaux-de-vie.

The result: the same classy cognac, presented with style, sophistication, elegance and modernity.


In 1889, Leopold Raffin started on his quest to perfect his eaux-de-vie. His son-in-law René Laclie joined him in 1916 and together the men pursued their passion to go further in the elaboration and quality of the distillation process. Five generation later, Bertrand Laclie, is embracing the same passion and is leading the family house into the modern era.

Maison Laclie enjoys close relationships with suppliers and partners who all share the same demanding vision—to create products of the absolute highest quality. The family use only the finest raw materials combined with their artistic philosophy to produce their rare, hand-crafted spirits.